Kontafarma China Holdings Limited (formerly known as Tongfang Kontafarma Holdings Limited (from July 2016 to September 2022); Allied Cement Holdings Limited (from March 2011 to July 2016)), was incorporated in the Cayman Islands in March 2011 and has been listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong since 18 January 2012 (Stock Code: 1312).

The Company, through its subsidiaries, is principally engaged in (i) manufacturing and sales of prescription drugs, including chemical drugs and prescribed traditional Chinese medicines in the PRC; and (ii) operating fitness centres and providing consultation services for fitness and health activities, and operating franchise business.

The Group acquired the equity interest in 同方藥業集團有限公司 Tongfang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd* (formerly known as 北京紫光製藥有限公司 Beijing Ziguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.*) in 2016. Tongfang Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd.* and its subsidiaries are engage in manufacturing and sales of prescription drugsand other pharmaceutical-related businesses in Beijing and Chongqing in the PRC. In 2017, the Group also acquired the equity interest in TFKT True Holdings as its subsidiary and True Yoga Holdings Limited as its associate, the acquired companies and their subsidiaries are engaged in operating of fitness centres and provision of consultation services for fitness and health activities in Singapore and Taiwan respectively.


Adhering to the people-oriented philosophy, the Group extensively recruits talents from different fields, treasures our staff as our cornerstone, insists on unity within the Group and values internal care and communication. By actively putting the subjective initiative of our staff into play with care and soul, the Group continuously enhances team cohesion and realizes complementary advantages and sincere cooperation.

During the new era of development, the Group will focus on the target of universal health. On one hand, we look forward to the national deployment on universal health and uphold market orientation in our product research and development to benefit the health of people. On the other hand, we strive to contribute to universal health by offering quality service and create value for all stakeholders. The Group will discharge its corporate responsibilities to pave a new path for promoting health, join hands with various parties and forge ahead for the health of people nationwide.